Sunday, March 22, 2009

dinner @ thai sea breeze with bek, matt & clo

i just thought i'd write a quick blog post while Rove is on in the background...

we just got back from having dinner with bek, matt & clo @ thai sea breeze. i had the chicken panang thinking it was a sure bet (it always is!) and wade got the satay prawns and i have to admit - wade's satay sauce was nicer! wow. yum. that is what i'm getting next time - except with chicken instead of prawns. i also had an amazing vanilla milkshake there. i never used to understand why people would order a vanilla milkshake - i thought it was like going to baskin robbins and ordering 'vanilla' - but it's not - vanilla milkshakes are *special*.

it was nice catching up with bek & matt & clo. clo loved seeing ariella!

i'm so fed up with the painting i put pics of in my last post. it's just not working...

i'll decide tonight what i'm going to do with it.

that's all for now.
night x

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