Thursday, March 12, 2009

Goodbye LJ - Hello Blogger!

I've decided to give LJ the flick - and now I'm journaling with Blogger!
You may notice that my eBay store is EMPTY at the moment. All of my jewellery listings are temporarily on pause while I'm focusing on my painting for about a month - after this they will all magically REAPPEAR! (Along with some new art!)
The "Pierrot" painting is almost complete. A few final touch ups and it will be done...
Today we've been busy with preperations for Dads birthday celebrations this weekend. Should be great. I made my (now famous) Rocky Road once again. I need some more inspiration for my next painting. I've got a few ideas...but they don't really mesh together. If anyone has anything in mind please let me know =)
Anyway - that's all for now. Welcome to my Blog now on Blogger!
Jaz x

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