Monday, March 30, 2009

just like watching paint dry...

i'm just waiting for some paint to dry....ah...this is why I work with acrylics...nice and quick to dry!
i'm currently working on the piece I'm entering into the Urban Country Music Festival Art Comp. Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities is on in the background. I quite like it - but it's definately not as good as the first series.
today I managed to get a few jewellery orders organised, while I'm not selling them from my eBay store at the moment, most of them are still available in my Etsy Store. I'm a HUGE fan of Etsy. It's easy to use, and u can find the most fabulous products on there!
i'm also really getting into Twitter at the moment. You can follow me on Twitter here.
back to painting...

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