Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bella's bracelets are back.

i think i've decided what i want for my 1st Mothers Day - a mag subscription to 'Frankie'. It really is an awesome magazine. then again, there's a ton of mag subscriptions i would like...

so tonight i'll be busy taking some pics of some new items for my eBay Store. If you didn't know already, I also have stores on Etsy and Madeit as well! Both of which are FABULOUS websites! If you're not signed up with them already, do it! You won't regret it.
There's quite a few things starting at only 99c in my eBay Store, so now's the time to shop. I've also got more "Bella's Bracelets" back in stock! Yay! These have been really popular! You can click here to go to the listing.

on the home front, we are busy looking at real estate...! it's a bit of a drag, but it does have exciting moments...

does anyone know of an awesome house for sale in Brisbane at an awesome price? if so email me at: artbyjaz@yahoo.com.au


jaz x

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