Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Green!

Happy Earth Day everyone!
I've tried to make an effort to recycle today. Well. I try to make Earth friendly decisions every day, but today I wanted to make extra effort. Whenever possible - Go GREEN!
Just a quick post because I'm about to go to bed. *yawn* dealing with a teething baby certainly takes it out of you!
We've been watching old skool episodes of the Simpsons tonight. I like the old episodes better than the new ones. I feel like the new ones are trying to be like "Family Guy". And I love "Family Guy" but I don't like it when The Simpsons tries to be something they're not. Does that make sense? I'm so tired I probably won't remember actually typing this. lol.
Before this week is out - there will be some more *new* jewellery items in my eBay Store!
Night Night x


  1. If you're interested . . the Sydney Morning Herald recently printed a very interesting article in relation to Family Guy & Simpsons.

  2. Thanks for that - that IS interesting!


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