Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Finally finished that piece I've been chatting about for the past couple of's called "Jellywish" (thanks Wade!) and it's up on eBay for a 'Buy It Now' Price of $69. I'll also post in my Etsy Store and Madeit Store if you prefer to shop there. Once it's sold, obviously I'll remove it from all of these stores.

It's pouring rain here at the moment! All around the Sunshine Coast & South East QLD there is torrential flooding. It's been declared a natural disaster zone! Luckily we're up on a hill here. We went down to check out the beaches this afternoon and the surf is massive! (Not that I can surf for the life of me...!) There were heaps of surfers out there, but it looked so dangerous. I guess that's how they like it.

I called up about a townhouse I saw on today - but when I called they said it was already under contract. This is about the 3rd time that has happened. Why don't they update their website!? Ergh.

Anyway - I think I should go to bed soon. The rain is heavy and it's perfect sleeping weather!

Jaz x

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