Thursday, May 14, 2009


the past few days have been busy with ari, painting, jewellery orders and catching up on web stuff! ari's been teething - and her first tooth has finally come through! yay!!! so she's been awake every couple of hours at night crying...and hence neither of us are getting any decent sleep. i've also woken up this morning with a cold, so we're all a bit tired and blergh right now. *sips tea*. yesterday i made some carrot & walnut muffins (see pic). by 4pm this afternoon they were all gone, so i think they were definately a winner! wade sent me an email yesterday with a bunch of deep sea creatures - which spurred me to add a jellyfish into my latest painting. i am inlove with so many sea creatures - especially octopuses (octopi?), seahorses & giant squid. i'm sure i've raved about these things in this blog i'll stop now.

this weekend we're heading to brisbane for fittings for Matt & Ange's wedding and then for a look at their chosen venue - should be exciting! so tomorrow is going to be busy with getting the last of the jewellery orders off for the week...

until next time..

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