Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peony Work in Progress, Tupperware Party & Sleepiness!

I've been painting most of the afternoon...on a new piece which so far features a blue haired girl, a mini top hat (from a vision I had before I fell asleep last night), and peony roses...

It's slowly coming together...(the pic above is a beginning shot i took yesterday...). you can also follow my progress on Twitter.
Last night Mum, Ari & I went to Brisbane for a Tupperware party with the girls. It was probably, no definately, the best Tupperware party I've been too - thanks Jean & Tarls! it turned out to be a late night though. we didn't get home until after midnight (thanks to Valley traffic, a long drive home, spilt coffee at the Petrol Station, the de-mister being put on wrong and the entire windscreen fogging up at 110kms...). I was so tired when we got home.
With the late nights recently & Ari's teething it's a wonder I got any painting done today actually. My eyes are feeling all zoned out now though from concentrating. I think I should go to bed. Tomorrow is my 1st Mothers Day and I'm so excited! Woo hoo!

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