Sunday, May 24, 2009

Work in Progress - Contains Peacock Feathers

I just realised that the Brisbane Antique Fair was on this weekend, obviously I didn't go, but it would've been fun for a look. Oh well, next year I suppose. I've been painting lots this weekend. I'm currently working on a piece featuring peacock feathers and blue gingham fabric - it's taken ages to paint all those criss-crosses! haha. I've taken some Work-In-Progress pics but I haven't uploaded them yet (I'm typing this from the laptop) - I will upload them the next time I'm on the "usual" computer!

As always - the weekend has flown! I can't believe tomorrow will be Monday again already! My sister Jayde came up this weekend which was nice. She bought ari the cutest Elmo PJs! Just in time for winter too. Mum & I had a big shop out the other day buying lots of warm winter things! When I shop with Mum I always tend to buy sensible items! haha. Wade, Ari & I all got new trackies, socks, hoodies etc. I also got a cute new pair of slippers. Two-Toned Grey Faux Fur with Pom Poms! So snuggly.

Well...I think the paint that I was waiting on is dry now. Will post pics soon. On Twitter also.

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