Friday, June 26, 2009

The Day Michael Jackson Died.

Wow. I woke up this morning & was going about my day as usual until I turned on the TV. First of all, Ariella was watching that really really annoying show called "Puzzle Play" on Channel 10, then breaking news: "Michael Jackson Dead at Age 50". It was one of those moments where time stands still for a few seconds. Then I was like "wow, ok". Of course I didn't know Michael Jackson personally, but I can tell you that "Bad", "Billy Jean" & "Thriller" are on my "most played" list on my iPod. Like most kids of the 80s, I grew up listening to his music & trying to moonwalk. He was a musical and dancing genius. He was the Picasso of his craft. He's up there with Elvis. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop & he will always be remembered that way...


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  2. Such a sad day for the music industry :( -Elyse


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