Sunday, June 21, 2009

End of the Weekend.

Despite the fact that Wade had to work, I had quite a nice weekend! =)
Lis came to visit and we had quite a girly weekend with lots of eating, shopping, movie/tv watching, and chatting! I even managed to get a tiny bit of painting done on Saturday night! (wow!) God I ate so much CRAP though. Junk food galore. The photo above is of me digging into the "Chocolate Fondue for Two" we indulged in on Saturday...yum!

I was checking out
Todd Schorr's website tonight. A while ago I bought "The Treasures of Long Gone John" DVD and with it came a postcard sized, signed print of his. To be honest I hadn't really paid a lot of attention to his artwork until now, and I must say I'm really impressed! I love the ideas behind it and the attention to detail that can almost be compared to the work of Bruegel. So there's another favourite artist to add to my list...

Here on the Sunshine Coast today they had the annual "Ride for Daniel" as a way to raise awareness for child safety and protection. On the way home from breakfast (with Mum, Dad, Ari & Lisa) we stopped alongside the highway, and waved and smiled as the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of motorbikes rode past in Daniel's honour. It was really quite touching, and I felt really proud of the way that the Morcombe's and the Sunshine Coast community have continued to put this event together each year. Sadly, the question still remains: "Where's Daniel?"

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