Saturday, June 13, 2009


My little cousins Paige and Declan came over this morning...they ate lots of food and loved playing with Ariella! =)

Yesterday Wade & I celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary of being together. 5 Awesome Years. Can't wait for the next 5.....We ate Thai food and saw "The Hangover" which was hilarious! I especially loved the end credits. Now there's not many movies you can say that about is there?

I've been continuing to work on the 30cm x 30cm piece...I'm painting white lace butterflies into it. And by that - I mean actual LACE type butterflies. Like you might see a doily made out of or something. They're really pretty and totally fit into the theme of the painting which is "Death to Wedding Tradition". I'll explain more and post pics when it's finished.

I'm really keen to start painting some custom vinyl art toys. I don't think I know about them anyone who does, I'd love to know where you buy the blanks from, what medium you use on them etc...any info would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately, poor Wade has to work today (Saturday!), but at least that means I've got some spare painting time...which is what I'm off to do now...

Enjoy the weekend!
Jaz x

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