Wednesday, July 15, 2009

House Hunting & Alexandra Headlands, Sunshine Coast

We went house-hunting in Brisbane today, and have just returned at 10pm. *yawn* Quite a productive day - looked at lots of potential properties. But to no avail - yet. Since I wrote last, we spent a beautiful weekend at Alexandra Headlands (a stunning part of the Sunshine Coast) with Nanna Neeny (Wade's Mum) for her birthday. We went shopping in Noosa & Maroochydore, had dinner at Thai Seasons at Mooloolaba (Thumbs up for that one!), ate loads of junk food, went swimming in the pool & big rock spa, read magazines...oh yes, so relaxing! And yes - you read right - we did actually go swimming in the middle of winter! 1) We live in QLD. 2) The pool was actually heated to a lovely luke warm 28 degrees. As for art - I have finished my "blue" painting (yet to be named) and it will be added to my eBay, Etsy & Madeit Stores tomorrow! Along with a bunch of new jewels that arrived earlier this week...keep an eye out!

Night! x

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