Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jazzle Zazzle!

Last night I stayed up past midnight posting items in my new Zazzle store! I'm having a new found love affair with Zazzle at the moment. For ages I've been trying to find the right platform to create and sell my art "merchandise" through, and while I've tried many other sites, I didn't like the way they worked or their exuberant prices. Finally - I've found one I like! well as being an international company - they also have an Australian site too (especially designed for Australians in Aussie dollars!! Amazing!) So I'm really happy with it - and they have the most amazing products on there. There are a few products in my Zazzle store at the moment...and I'm currently in the process of adding more. I'll make sure to add links when there's anything really new and cool to show you.

Ari's having a little nap as I type this. *ah bliss!* this afternoon I'm going to be busy lacquering paintings and getting them ready to ship tomorrow...I might even get around to adding some of my new jewels to my eBay Store.

In the meantime - I'll always be twittering! (Or tweeting?)...x

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