Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dreaming of Spookier Times...

Can I just say...I kinda love the idea of Halloween. I know that there are many deeper darker traditions associated with the occasion, but I really love the simple concepts of Halloween. Dressing up, making fun of 'scary' things, making new friends, and while eating a bucket load of lollies....what could be better? Oh yeah, Christmas.

It's a shame that us Aussies don't celebrate Halloween in the same way that the USA do. I find we kind of do a half-assed job of Halloween. I think it's slowly catching on...year by year...slowly...more kids are trick-or-treating...we are seeing more decorations coming out in the shops...but I just think it would so OH SO DREAMY to decorate like this...

Jaz x


  1. I too love the idea of Halloween! I've always been a little bit sad that us Aussies don't celebrate it in such a festive way. x


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