Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ari's 1st B'day Invites...and Smurfette in time for Summer!

I've finished Ari's "Abby Cadabby" 1st Birthday invitations and they're all ready to be posted today! I've never created an invite on Photoshop before, so for a first timer, I actually think I did an ok job.

Sydney is currently covered in the worst dust storm in over 70 years. From the photos I've seen, it's like a blanket of orange! Someone called it "Rangapocolypse"! I hope for all of the asthma sufferers that it calms down soon.

The new channel - 99 - is currently playing retro cartoons. "The Jetsons" is on at the moment. So, in honour of my love for retro cartoons, I've created these Smurfette Earrings. They've already proved to be quite popular! And rightly so...Smurfette is the prettiest smurf of all!

Hope you're all enjoying your week so far!



  1. OMG! Thos are the coolest earrings I have ever seen!!! How do I get a pair? I think I just had a mini orgasm, I Loved smurfette!

  2. I love Smurfette too! She's so sweet. You can click on the link in the blog post or go here:
    Thanks so much!
    Jaz x

  3. Happy birthday to your little A as well!



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