Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's 5pm, and miraculously, Ari has fallen asleep on my shoulder. So I've popped her down on the couch (amongst all the mess and boxes), while I get 45mins (hopefully!) to myself before picking Wade up from the station. I have to apologise for not being online for a few days. Things have been crazy busy around here with moving and everything. Today I spent most of the day unpacking boxes of miscellaneous rubbish and sorting stuff out. It's really refreshing to have a clean slate to work with when it comes to putting together a home, but it's also tough because I've got boxes and boxes of things that i just HAVE to hold on to, but don't want to display. I'm starting to get very good at working with a small space! I think it's also important not to make it look cluttered. I still want breathing/walking room in the house. Oh, and did I mention I also want it to look FABULOUS?

Tonight Wade will be putting our PC together and setting up our new internet connection. Loads of downloading space and a faster connection speed - wooo hoo! So the rest of the working week will be focussed on filling orders that have come in during the move, and then hopefully setting up a little space where I can paint and create my jewellery. For the moment, it's going to be anywhere I can set up shop (preferrably where little fingers can't reach!) until I get my little studio space put in. There's a laundry type area next to my kitchen, and my plan over the next few months is to rip it out, and put in a workbench along with overhead cupboards to store supplies. It's not exactly ideal to be running my business from such a small space, but it does allow me to be at home with Ari, which is just an absolute blessing in this day and age. A lot of mums are financially forced to head back to a workplace while putting their babies in childcare; and I am so thankful that I have the choice to stay at home. I admire working mums for their ability to have both a job outside of the home, and take care of their household also. I think every woman who has children and manages their life around them in a successful way deserves a medal. It's not easy to balance work, romance, babies & health all at once. I certainly don't achieve that balance every day. I think if you can achieve the balance most of the time you're doing extremely well!

On that note, I better tidy up the mess I've made while unpacking today. I'm not making dinner tonight. Pizzas are $5.50 on Tuesdays, and I just can't justify taking out the saucepans tonight...


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