Friday, October 23, 2009

Making Earring Cards

I've started thinking about how I'd like to do up my market stall. The other day I came across these fantastic BIG (15cm x 15cm!) yellow mugs at an op shop for $1 each, and I thought they would fit really well with my theme. I thought I could fill them up with rice and display my rings in them maybe?

I could go out and buy a whole heap of display stands and things, but from looking at other successful market stalls, I've realised there are so many other ways to display your jewellery with items that I've already got at home! For instance, yesterday I came across a box of unused business cards, and I thought instead of throwing them out I could make them into earring cards. Here's what I did:

1) Found some old business cards that I no longer use...

2) Found some scrapbooking paper I had lying around...

3) I traced the size of the card onto the back of the scrapbooking paper (I could fit 4 cards on these particular sheets). Then cut them out.
4) I coated the side of the business card I no longer wanted to be seen with craft glue (PVA).

5) I glued the scrapbooking paper to the front of the business card.

6) Poked a couple of holes through the card (you can use either side now - the design side or the blank white side) and VOILA!

Earring Cards!

I will take these with me to my market stall!


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