Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Project: Baroque Style Side Table

This morning Wade, Ari & I got up nice and early and went to the Chandler Markets. We haven't been there for ages, so it was nice to see how many new stall holders and people were there! While we were there we bought: breakfast (coffee & sausage & egg rolls), lady finger bananas, mangoes, and a side table! We managed to bargain the guy down on the side table from $35 to $20! Well it did have some scratches and pre-loved dints in it!

So on the way home we stopped in at Bunnings and picked up a can of high gloss black paint, and when we got home we took to work on the side table. Here's what went down:

1) Here's what we began with:

2) Quickly sanded it down...

3) Here I am very hesitantly spraying the first coat! Haha...can you tell I haven't done this much before? I would be a crap graffiti artist!

4) The first layer - a thin coat...followed by more thin coats...

5) VOILA! New black side table!



  1. thank you ashley! it's been a few months now and I still love it. what a bargain.


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