Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday to Cyber Monday SALE on Etsy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! The Kooky Tea Party Etsy Store is offering 20% off ALL items for the weekend - including Cyber Monday. So far, the sale has been going really well with lots of people taking advantage of the 20% off bargains and the offer of only paying shipping on ONE item - the rest are posted for FREE! It's a great opportunity to stock up for Xmas!

Speaking of Xmas - I still haven't managed to get much Xmas shopping done at all! Fortunately, I now have my Mum & my Mother-In-Law here to go shopping with me. I can't wait! I love shopping at Christmas time. As long as I'm not rushed. I also can't wait to get Ari's photo with Santa this year. Last year she was only 8 weeks old and while it was her first Xmas, I felt she was a little bit young for a photo with Santa. This year I'm definately getting one though - whether she's howling or not! (What a mean mother!)

It's sweltering hot here in Brisbane. HOT HOT HOT. I feel sticky as I'm typing this. Why don't I have air conditioning? We even hopped in the car this afternoon to hunt down Mr. Whippy. We could hear him in the distance, and eventually we found him! We ordered our ice-creams, (I got a choc-dipped soft serve with nuts on top)...and I got Mum a chocolate nut sundae to take home. Well! By the time we got to the car (about 3 metres away) our ice-creams were melting and by the time we got home I had ice-cream down both arms and Mum's sundae was now a milkshake. Disaster!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend =)


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