Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Starts....

For the fourth morning in a row I am awake before 6am! Thanks to Ariella...I'm not sure what this new routine is about, but my body clock is certainly not used to it. She used to sleep past 8am most mornings...

Anyway, I guess I am grateful because it means I can get an early start on jewellery orders and such. Yesterday I got the chance to list a heap of earrings in the new Kooky Tea Party MadeIt Store. MadeIt is an Australian website that it much like Etsy - all handmade items - and it's fantastic! Some time today I will continue to list more items in there.

My Byron Bay weekend is now off due to Schoolies. I forgot that NSW Schoolies week starts a week later than QLD, and therefore accommodation is very expensive that weekend, and there will be a million 17 year olds running a muck down there! Best not to be a toolie and leave the partying up to them I think. =)

Last night I started reading Pro Hart's biography, written by his son David Hart. It's opened my eyes up to the dedication he had to his art and I've found it to be very inspiring so far. I'll keep you posted...


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