Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm so thankful to have been born, and for my child to have been born, in such a wonderfully lucky country.

Happy Australia Day Everyone!



  1. Awwwwww, so cute. It's good to love where you are from. I am from the US but my kids are born here in Canada.

    Happy Austraila day to you.

  2. Ok, so today I was updating my blog and saw that I had a new follower (very exciting!!) and so I clicked on the little pic and up came your profile and blog (great blog, btw and Ari is super cute!! Loved the Chinese restaurant story...can so sympathise...I have a 15 month old as well)...then I decide to have a nosey at your etsy store and see your pink scissors rings, hair clips, etc.

    AND THEN I realize that my hairdresser today had one of your pink scissors clips (I think...unless you do a badge of some sort?) on her top. Weird, no?! So I had to start stalking you on twitter and your blog. How could I ignore a sign like that?!


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