Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday So Far...

I've spent the majority of my Friday night & Saturday organizing my Kooky Tea Party market stall. I'm so excited! It's slowly but surely coming together and I'm starting to think it looks OK. By OK, I mean - it actually looks kind of like a stall you would walk up to at a market!

What I've found is that I
thought I had heaps of stock made, but once I started laying it out, I realised it doesn't look like much at all! You have to have HEAPS for it to look good. So...after Ari went to sleep last night I had all my crafting and jewellery boxes sprawled across my lounge room floor, and I happily pottered away at getting more stock together.

By the time I hundred pieces...I was so tired and my thumb was numb from pushing earrings through earring cards...that I roughly mumbled something like "night...babe..." as I stumbled past Wade and upstairs to sleep.

I plan on doing more tonight, so I've tried to keep all my bits and pieces out today, which is basically impossible because little miss 15 months old wants to grab everything (and it doesn't help that some of my jewellery contains Sesame St characters!). This morning while I was whisking her away from them, I tripped over a random plastic wine glass on the floor (and no, I wasn't drinking at 9am...though I probably should've been...I was using things from the plastic cupboard to try and keep Ari occupied) and the plastic SNAPPED and splintered into my FOOT! F&@$^&*!!!! Luckily, there weren't any shards of plastic to pick out - just a big nasty gash of skin from the underside of my foot and some blood. Quick - BAND AID!

This foot injury and my numb thumb are the worst injuries I've sustained so far from this Market Stall adventure. Touch wood, they are the only injuries I will have to contend with. Though, I haven't stepped out the door yet. Maybe I should get a job in the mines? It might be safer.


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