Thursday, February 4, 2010

d.i.y mini cards

I ran out of my Moo Mini cards last week, and jumped on their website straight away to order some more. However, when I came to the checkout, I realised it was going to cost me about $24 (Australian Dollars - and the dollar is good at the moment!). Equating to about 24 cents per card. I want to use them at my market stall to hand out to potential customers as well as put them in the bag with each i'm thinking 24 cents is a lot to give away each time...
So I came up with an alternative. I grabbed some old business cards of mine (but you can use any old cardboard), ordered some cheaper "address labels" from Vistaprint, and stuck them onto the card and then cut them out into Mini Cards! The address labels cost $12.99 for 140, but luckily I had an online voucher for 140 for FREE - just pay postage. So 140 labels actually only cost me $4.95 ($AU) postage. Btw - if you sign up to Vistaprint they constantly send you annoying emails with discounts and vouchers - but they do come in handy when you need them!

I could fit 2 stickers on 1 business card and then I painstakingly cut around each label. They came out awesomely though! They look completely professional, and they only cost about 4 cents per card.



  1. Awesome! I've included this for tomorrow's EBSQ Friday Five!

  2. Wow! Thanks Amanda. I'll be sure to check it out.

  3. great tip, liking it


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