Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Five.

This morning I've listed 5 NEW items in my stores. Here they are:

Silver Knitting Earrings

Silver Microphone Earrings

Silver Scissor Earrings

Little Silver Anchor Earrings

Little Gold Whale Earrings

How cute are the little Knitting Earrings!? I had to look closely when I saw the charms - and then I was like "AWWW! It's a ball of yarn! So CUTE!" and I just had to make earrings out of them.

I've sold similar Scissor Earrings before as well, and they were really popular. I think these ones are extra cute because they have a little more detail to them. Plus - they match my Scissor Necklace really well! They're a really cool gift for hairdressers, scrapbookers, crafters and sewing friends.

In other exciting news - I ordered my wedding dress yesterday! AAhhhhh!

I'm not exactly a bridezilla sort of person - but I must admit I got just a little bit excited about it all. I'm ordering it online directly from China - instead of going through a shop - so fingers crossed it all works out! It's a bit of a risk I suppose...but we're trying to do it cheap...and from what I've seen, they look exactly the same as in the shop! I suppose the worst that can happen is that I hate it and refund it or re-sell it. I'll keep you all updated! =)

Have a nice weekend!

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