Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ANZAC Long Weekend


How's everyone recovering after the ANZAC day long weekend? We had a nice one. We minded my cousin Charlie (age 10), and he was super easy to look after! We all went to the Queensland Museum on Sunday, which was really cool. I haven't been in a couple of years and they have heaps of new animal exhibits - huge birds, animal skeletons, furry mammals, just goes on and on...

I'm extremely frustrated with eBay at the moment. I'm having problems getting my store back up and running and I've been trying to contact them by phone and email, with little to no assistance in return. I tried calling their customer contact centre yesterday, and after going round and round in circles with the girl on the phone, she ran me through how to email customer service from their website and I was told to wait 48-72 hours for a reply! I asked her if there was any way she could help me today and she said they can't help over the phone, they have to do it via email. So what exactly is the customer service phone line for? Errrgh! Every email I've had from them so far is an automated reply which doesn't answer any questions...

Ok. Enough of that vent. In the meantime, I'm happily adding new and exciting paintings to my Etsy Store and MadeIt Store. Plus I'm loving the fact that I can now sell my art through my website as well! No fees means cheaper art :)

I have a little sick bub at the moment (and one big sick bub - Wade). They both have a virus, which is similar to what everyone seems to have at the moment. I guess it always comes with the changing seasons...Winter is well and truly on its way.

My weekend didn't go without thinking about the fallen soldiers and incredible men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We started watching the miniseries "The Pacific" on Sunday and that really brought it to light for me - how truly lucky we are today.

I'm off to the post office now to post off today's Kooky Tea Party orders. Then this afternoon it's time to get some more work done on 3 gorgeous commissioned paintings I'm doing at the moment! The 3rd painting in my "Mini Alice" Series is nearly finished too, it's just been on hold for the moment while I finish these others.


Hope everyone is having a nice short week! :)


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