Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The talk at the library yesterday - "Why I Love Cemeteries" - was quite interesting. Ariella fell asleep just before we went in, so that was great timing. Although she did wake up 40 mins into it, and I had to excuse myself and take her outside, but it was only an hour long talk so I didn't miss much.

They talked about what it is that makes people so interested in cemeteries and our fascination with what happens after we die. It seems that across all religions and beliefs we all tend to feel that there is something after death. A burial is the most common process after death across most cultures, although the different rituals that come with that vary immensely.

There are more cemeteries in the Redlands than I realised! I was also surprised to realise that there are in fact two cemeteries in Cleveland. Most people (including me - until yesterday) think that there is only one. The most unknown cemetery in was in fact created before the big one that we now know, and now has a childrens playground built on top of it! Although, there is a plaque there now though that informs people that it was once a cemetery. There are still graves there, however there are no headstones left. Some of the headstones from this older cemetery have been moved over to the new one though - because the oldest headstones in the "newer" Cleveland cemetery are dated before that cemetery was even opened! Interesting!

Anyway, I could go on and on all day about this...but I won't!

I've finished my jewellery orders for the morning (I got quite a lot yesterday!) :), and after I post them, I'll be working on my "Down the Rabbit Hole" painting for my "Mini Alice Series".


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