Monday, April 19, 2010

Buy It Now through!

I'm having some problems with my eBay store at the moment. So I'm making some changes to account for it. My painting "In The Darkness" was up for auction, but is now available to buy outright at $129 in my Etsy store. I've also now allowed for buying directly through my website! This is really cool - you can now just click "Buy It Now" under any available pieces and it will take you straight to PayPal! I would eventually like to sell only through Etsy, MadeIt (which is like Aussie Etsy) and my website. eBay is great for gaining exposure and that type of thing, but it's very expensive as far as seller fees and that type of thing. I heard someone call it "FeeBay" the other day and I think that summed it up perfectly! haha. Plus, if I don't have to account for Seller Fees - I can offer my art cheaper too!

Today is Monday. So first of all I'll be busy getting Kooky Tea Party Jewellery orders ready to post, and then I'll be on to painting. In between laundry, looking after an 18 month old, and other household tasks of course!


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