Monday, April 12, 2010

"Into The Darkness"

Last night I finished one of my darkest paintings so's aptly called "Into the Darkness"...and it features a black haired, big eyed girl. She's wandering amongst the trees, with her pirate mouse by her side, and a milk snake (not to be confused with a milkshake!) curled up in her hair.

I've been looking at a lot of Camille Rose Garcia's work lately and I think it's kind of showed in this work a little - with the "controlled drips" and all. The ants on her face were a representation of that slight discomfort you feel when you're in a place you're unsure of...emotionally or physically. It's amazing how something so much smaller and seemingly insignificant can affect you in a niggling way. They kind of just felt right to add in. Or it may also just have been due to the ant or two that may have crawled over me as I often lay on the floor and paint. :)

Anyway, I feel the price for this piece needs to be decided by the buyer, and not me, so I've put it up on eBay starting at only 99c! You can view it HERE:

Easter has gone by for another year. Oh, I miss those hot cross buns already!


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