Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Library Talk...

This morning I'm busy getting some jewellery orders ready...then I'm off to listen to a talk at the library called "Why I Like Cemeteries". It sounds so interesting! I've always liked walking through cemeteries - not in a weird try-hard goth kind of way - but in a spiritual kind of way. I find it kind of therapeutic to wander around and look at people's headstones, and work out how old they were when they died, whether they were married, if they had children...and wonder what they were actually like.

More interestingly, this particular talk focuses on the cemeteries of the Redlands - which is the shire that I live in. So I'll be hearing about the actual cemeteries around here that I've been to, and that some of my relatives are in. I don't know how it's going to go really because I've got to take Ari with me (Miss 1 and a half) - so hopefully she behaves - which isn't likely with her track record on social outings lately...

Art wise - this afternoon I'm going to be working on the 3rd painting in my "Mini Alice" series. I sketched it up last night. It's Alice falling down the rabbit hole...weeeee!



  1. Hey, my gandparents (and great grandparents) use to live at Redland Bay, and they were all buried in a cememtary near there...

    If you see their graves, can you give them a smile for me? James and Muriel Gibson- it's a 'double' grave...


  2. Oh wow! That's so interesting. They talked about Redland Bay Cemetery. It's actually the biggest cemetery in the Redlands - and one of the oldest! I'll have to go for a wander down there soon. :)


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