Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Cecilia & The Ladybug"

Good afternoon! I just know it's that time of day because I'm seriously craving a cup of tea and something sweet...

I found these great small wood plaques on the weekend, and they've inspired me to do some little portraits on them...Today I finished a piece I've called "Cecilia & the Ladybug". It's 8" x 8" x 0.5" (or 19.5cm x 19.cm x 1.2cm). I painted her without the ladybug, and then I couldn't help but feel she wasn't finished. The idea of the ladybug just kept popping into my head and wouldn't leave. So..I went ahead and added a tiny little ladybug to her and I think it works just right. I've always truly believed that ladybugs bring good luck...and I think Cecilia thinks so too :)

She's currently for sale for $59 on Etsy.

I'm off to have a cup of tea and some hazelnut chocolate...


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