Monday, May 24, 2010

The REAL reason "Cecilia" is no longer for sale...

While most of my shops will say that the "Cecilia & The Ladybug" painting is SOLD. The real reason is that Ariella (my 19 month old) decided that she should be a "collaborative" piece. In other words - she decided to do this to her this morning with pen:

I had her out on the floor while I was scanning her in, when I got distracted...

Luckily, I scanned her in before this at least prints will still be available!



  1. Oh no!!!!! She was so beautiful, too :(

    Are you going to keep it as your and Ariella's first collaborative piece??!!

  2. :( I know!
    Hehe yes I'm definately going to keep her now. I'll hang her on my wall.

  3. Oh what a shame!!! Oh man...that hurts.

  4. :-O Naughty girl!!! At least you have the prints!

  5. I just found your work and blog and love it! I have to comment because my 17 month old just did the same thing to one of my paintings yesterday!

  6. Oh babe, this is tooooooo funny!!!! Gotta love the little ones ;-) Luv susana xoxox

  7. what she did with it is amazing for an 19 month old...keep it!


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