Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Xenia Fairy"


I'm excited to share this new painting today. One of my lovely Etsy customers commissioned her. This is "Xenia Fairy". Lots of details in there...a pink winged fairy with big green eyes and brunette hair...surrounded by cupcakes, lollipops, flowers, butterflies and a cute black kitty cat.
It was quite a BIG piece - approx 70cm x 50cm x 1.5cm (or 20" x 27")!

Of course, the original is sold, but I will be offering prints of her in the near future. If you'd like a print sooner, you can order one here in my Zazzle store. The Zazzle prints are awesome! If you click on the "customize it" button you can change the size of the print, add matting, or a frame...or just leave it as a standard print - whatever you like.

Today I'm working on another commission, and Ari and I also have to go do a bit of shopping - we've got birthday presents to buy. :)


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