Saturday, June 5, 2010

Absence makes the art grow fonder...

Wow. I managed to spend an entire week without my computer!

Even more amazing - I managed to spend an entire week without my paints! or sketchbooks....

I know I said that I would be continuing to paint while I was away, but when we packed the car I realised there was absolutely NO room for them. So I took it as a challenge. I thought I'd see how I would go without them...and I must say I went better than I expected! I had a couple of withdrawal moments...where my eyes lovingly glazed over amongst the fresh visual diaries at the shops, and I managed to finish TWO 500 piece puzzles (ok, Wade helped a lot with one of them)...but I actually managed to stop myself from sketching and painting and it's left me feeling quite artistically refreshed. :)

We had a lovely week at Caloundra. The Sunshine Coast really is one of the most beautiful places in the World. We did some touristy things like visiting the Kenilworth Cheese Factory - yum! - shopping at Sunshine Plaza and long walks along the boardwalk. The image in the picture below is actually the exact cafe we had breakfast at - right by the surf. Unfortunately, we missed out on welcoming Jessica Watson home to the Coast by ONE day!!!

A few weeks ago, I talked about an "Alice in Wonderland" inspired triptych (set of 3) I was working on for someone. Well, the client has now received her original paintings and I wanted to share them with you on here. These three panels feature Alice (of course!), the Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit and The Mad Hatter. It was so much fun to paint. I absolutely love the story and I'm looking forward to more Alice pieces!
Of course, the original has sold, however the paper prints are available at the moment from Zazzle, and I've also ordered a few prints, and mini prints from my own professional printer which I'll be offering on Etsy and MadeIt in the next week or two. Keep an eye out! :)

Anyway, it's now Saturday night. I'm back home and back into the swing of it. Already checked through emails, twitter, facebook replies etc...and after dinner (if I can hold out that long) I'll be ripping my paints out...!! I don't hold much hope for an early night :)


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  1. wow, congrats on coping with that enormous challenge! Both really. I find it super difficult not to be able to do anything creative. I'm sure that a little sabbatical does really refresh you! I must try it... Happy weekend! :)


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