Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spare ticket to Melbourne anyone?

I had trouble getting bub to sleep last night. So we both ended up sleeping in this morning! Which would be great - except I woke up with a killer headache. So now I'm writing this and waiting for the Panadol to kick in before I continue to work on that big commission...

It's nearly finished. Here's a photo I took in the backyard yesterday afternoon (it was a bit overcast!):

It's getting there...I'll be working on it today and I'll hopefully have it finished by tonight. The client I am painting it for is SO lovely! She's been sending me gushing comments about it. She's so great to paint for.

I REALLY want to go to the Tim Burton Exhibition in Melbourne at the moment. It has over 700 pieces of his work - dating back from when he was a child. Unfortunately, every spare cent will be going towards our honeymoon in October, so I'm going to have to miss this one. :( Pity. It looks so interesting! Lucky Melbournites!


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