Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Steam Ahead

We had a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday we went to a Sushi Buffet for lunch ($15 all you can eat) with some friends which was yummy, and Ariella was quite well behaved - which is surprising because she's starting to really push the boundaries when we go out.

Anyway, being in West End yesterday I was also able to stock up on some more art supplies, which is just as well because I've got a really busy painting week ahead!

Luckily I have my Mum helping to watch Ari because this week it's full steam ahead in terms of painting - I've got 2 commissions underway at the moment and I've just had a request for a set of 4 commissions! How cool is that!? I'd also really like to be able to offer some new originals for sale also...I'm not sure where I'm going to fit those in...maybe somewhere between 2:45-3am. lol.

Of course - our computer decided to pack it in over the weekend. It just stopped. Dead. Wade said it might be our video card? Anyway - I think we have to get a new one. I'm currently writing this from our trusty laptop (thank god for that!).

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I'm looking forward to a productive week. :)


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