Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last night I finished "Violeta" - She's a dark haired beauty with a pretty peony rose on her shoulder, and a feather and velvet bow in her hair. She's surrounded by mystical "bony" dragonflies, which were inspired by an x-ray of a hand.

I'm really liking these deep purpley pink colours at the moment, and it's come through in this painting. The original is up on Etsy for $129. Prints are available from Zazzle. It feels like Friday today for some reason. It's only Thursday though, so that must mean I'm a day ahead! haha... I'll be working on a new painting today...

Stay warm everyone!



  1. wow - you're on fire at the moment, just another one in a long list of gorgeous paintings!!

  2. Hehe thanks Renee! Yes I'm trying to paint in every spare moment lately...


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