Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm trying to be good, really I am. In less than 6 weeks I want to be bikini-ready to hit the Whitsundays! So it didn't help when I had to taste cake samples today for the wedding! I always thought that tasting cake samples was something that only happened in the movies - or maybe really really rich people did. No, today when I went to order my cake, the lady brought out samples for me to taste! Wow. I'm glad she did, because I'm pretty sure I now want the "Marz Mud Cake" - yes - it's like a Mars Bar! Yum!

So my entire day has once again been taken over with wedding planning - and I'm not even planning a big wedding! I'm hardly planning any sort of crazy affair at all - it's going to be as small & casual as it can possibly be! I can now see why people hire wedding planners.

I'm finally settled in back at home now and I'm ready for an afternoon of painting. I'm working on that set of 4 commissioned paintings, so I won't be posting any pics, but you can keep up with my progress on Twitter or Facebook. I now have 92 Facebook fans! When I reach 100 I'll be giving away a set of mini art prints to a random fan. So 'Like' away!



  1. What a dream! Do they actually use mars bars to make the cake?

  2. I'm not too sure - but it's like a caramel & chocolate mudcake swirled together! Yum :)


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