Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Set of 4 Paintings Finished

I've been such a desperate housewife this morning! I've gone from cleaning up vomit, to washing clothes, to doing dishes, to sweeping the floors, to trying to make my 2 year old eat...(Does anyone else have a toddler that doesn't want to eat!?)...

Anyway...I can finally now sit down and catch up on some emails and painting work. I can also now show you a set of 4 commissioned paintings I have been working on!

This lovely client of mine has 4 children - 3 girls and a boy, and I created 30cm x 30cm paintings for each of them, including little things here and there that represent each of them.

Both the client and I are really happy with the way they turned out! :)

This afternoon I'm going to be working on another commission that I need to finish before my wedding in a couple of weeks. I'll post pics and info about it once I've finished.

In the meantime, if you've got an idea for a commissioned painting, feel free to email me at: with your ideas!


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