Saturday, October 16, 2010

B'Days, Paintings & Jack-o-Lanterns

So much to blog about today!

First and foremost - it's my little Ariella's 2nd birthday today! I can't believe she is 2 already. Of course, it feels like she's been there forever - but at the same time I can't believe it was only 2 years ago that I was laying in hospital, with this tiny beautiful baby in the crib next to me. She's growing up to be so clever (and cheeky!), and she always manages to amaze me with these quirky little things she notices or says. She's enhanced our lives in so many ways, words really can't explain what she means to me. Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl!

(above) Ari & Wade feeding a goat today at 'King Country'!

Late last night I finished off this painting - it's called "Oh Deer, There's a Storm Coming". Quite fitting considering all the rain we've been having here in Brisbane lately!

It features a blonde haired girl with a little deer jumping around her. Her heart has been taken...and she's hoping the oncoming storm will wash her worries away. I've always found storms quite calming, and last night as I was finishing this painting off I was thinking about how at the same time 2 years ago I was in labour with Ari - in a storm! haha. The original is currently for sale for $129.

Also last night, while I was feeling a bit creative, I made these "Frozen Orange Jack-o-Lanterns" for dessert. The Martha Stewart recipe says to put sorbet inside, but I used choc-mint ice cream instead (I thought that was even more halloweeny!). Plus instead of the wire on top I used Chico Babies sticking head down into the oranges - and it really looked like a pumpkin stalk.


My Frozen Orange Jack-o-Lantern

Choc Mint Ice Cream Brains!

Now we're off to celebrate Ari's birthday with a little pizza party! Her fave.



  1. Love the painting & the Frozen Jacks too- might do that with my kids for fun! Enjoy your precious one's birthday.
    Cheers, Melissa

  2. Aww thanks Melissa! Yeah definately try them - just keep in mind they take a little longer to make than you first think!


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