Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovely Friday

Ahhh...lovely Friday!

Ariella's all washed, dressed & fed and happily watching "Postman Pat" so I'm taking the opportunity to do a quick update!

This morning I've got a couple of paintings to get wrapped up and sent out, and the usual grocery/pharmacy errands. Then I'm keen to keep working on a piece that I've been painting over the past couple of days (the stormy one). I've also been meaning to visit a friend I haven't seen in a while today, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get the time - it's so crazy trying to juggle work from home + being a stay at home mum + fitting in all the other little bits and pieces that fill up your week!

It's Ari's birthday on Saturday. She will be a big 2! (No, I can't believe how fast it's gone!). I'm wondering whether to get her ears pierced or not. A lot of people say that it's good to get them done while they're young so that they don't pull on them and touch them, but then others say you should wait until they're older. What do you think?

Happy Friday!


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