Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mini "Pink Fairy"...

Tonight I'm going to be working on a mermaid painting I started yesterday. I stayed up way too late painting last night and ended up paying for it today when I fell asleep whilst getting Ariella to have an afternoon nap! Turns out I got one too. It was nice though, I'm not complaining.

I also thought I'd mention this little painting I've posted up for auction on eBay - she's called "Pink Fairy" (yeah, it took ages to think of that one) and she's a little mini painting - only 5" x 5"! Cute. It's starting at just $15. :)



  1. Oh! Cannot wait to see the mermaid one...maybe she will have red hair? And then I can buy it because my lil one will be Ariel for Halloween. Yeah, that'll work! Ha.

  2. She DOES have red hair!! Haha...and I swear it was already red before I read your comment. :) I'm sure your little Ariel is going to look SO cute!!


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