Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st Day of Kindy & 2 New Paintings!

I've pretty much been painting all day today. My eyes are starting to go fuzzy!

Ariella (my daughter) had her 1st day at daycare yesterday, and all went pretty well. It was hard for both of us I think. I didn't want to act nervous or worried because I wanted her to feel safe and confident, but inside I felt a mixture of excitement, anxiety and guilt. I know that it will absolutely benefit her in so many ways, she's definitely ready for it, but of course I felt bad leaving her somewhere that she had never been before and I worried that she wouldn't settle in. The teacher said she had quite a good day though - she even had a sleep there! :)

Today she was home with me again and I realised how easy it was to get things done yesterday! haha. I still managed to finish off a couple of new paintings though. The first one "So Koi" is one that I've had sitting around for about a year, unfinished, so I've finally added the final touches in. The 2nd is a new "mini" painting (5"x5") called "Flying Key". They're both up for auction on eBay finishing on Sunday.


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