Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Alice & W.Rabbit"

This morning I finished the 8th piece in my "Mini Alice" series. It's called "Alice & W.Rabbit" and it's slightly different from the other 7 pieces because it's a little bigger. I just felt that this one wouldn't work as a square shape. Hence, it's 12" x 10" rather than the usual 8" x 8". It features Alice and the White Rabbit (i love painting him!)...and I would have to say it's my favourite of the series so far.

I've listed the original on Etsy for $79, and if you miss out on that, you can get the prints here.

Yesterday I ended up betting $15 on the Melbourne Cup ($10 on one horse, $5 on another) and I ended up winning $15.50. So overall I ended up with a 50c profit! Haha!

This morning Wade emailed me these aerial photos of Dutch tulip fields - aren't they amazing? It looks like someone has coloured them in!


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  1. Holy cow?!? Wow. On your painting and the flower "paintings!" I adore your artwork so. I know I have said so before, but this work of art has really touched me. So grand!


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