Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Melbourne Cup + 2 new paintings!

It's Melbourne Cup day today! Who are you putting your bets on? I've heard that "So You Think" is a sure fire to win...I also like the sound of "MaLuckyDay".

Last night I finished up two new paintings - the vampire one, and a new mini! "Vampire Bat" features a pretty red-haired, red-eyed vampire bat! She has a pretty pink bow in her hair and a little red heart stitched to her chest. She's quite innocent looking really!

If you can't afford the original or you miss out, you can always buy prints of her HERE!

The mini is simply called "Blue Fairy" - and she's actually kind of an evil fairy if you ask me! I've put her up for auction (finishing Sunday).

Today I'll be busy sketching up a BIG commissioned piece that I've got in the works, and hopefully starting a new painting. Good luck on the Melbourne Cup! :)


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