Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Nice Surprise!

A couple of days ago I received these beautiful cards in the mail as a surprise from Emily Orpin! It was so sweet to receive them out of the blue, and I must say they are really good quality. She takes these amazing photos herself and creates gift cards and notecards from them and sells them in her Etsy store. There are some great Xmas themed ones in there too. Which reminds me, I haven't even started writing mine yet!

No lazy Sunday here for us. Today we're getting Ari's kindy stuff organised - my little baby girl is going to have her very own lunchbox!! Then we're off to visit my Grandma and Grandad at my Mum and Dad's place.

I've also been working on a painting I hope to have finished tonight. It's very "blue". But more about that later...

If you're interested in buying any prints of my art (maybe for Xmas?) can get all of them here in any size you like!



  1. Oh I am so glad you like the cards! Thanks so much for the blog post - I really appreciate it!

  2. No problems Emily, thanks for the cards! :) x


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