Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Pansy Fairy"

Just a quick afternoon blog post...

Today I finished a new painting called "Pansy Fairy". Pansies are definitely one of my favourite flowers, I'm not exactly sure why, I think it's because I remember my grandma having them and the colours are amazing. The way they can have the darkest deepest purple against a bright yellow and white... Of course you can get them in heaps of colours these days! I plan on getting some as soon as I get around to fixing up my garden. But that's another story...

I've put her up for sale on Facebook and Etsy only at the moment (for $49) because lately I've added things to my other stores (eBay, ArtFire) etc only to have them sell a few hours later on Facebook or Etsy and then I still have to pay the fees for the other listings. I'm not complaining though - it's awesome that they've sold so fast! :) So if it doesn't sell in the next few days I'll also add it to eBay and ArtFire.

Tonight we're having dinner at my Mum and Dad's so yay - I have the night off!


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