Friday, November 19, 2010

"Pretty in Pink" & "Hippie Princess"

It's been quite a busy week painting wise...lots of orders coming in, and I'm trying to keep my stock up :)

One pretty big piece (60cm x 30cm) I finished this week is "Pretty in Pink". There's quite a lot of little details in this one, with lots of little pearls and flowers.

Another I just listed this morning is "Hippie Princess". She kind of created herself while I was watching trashy episodes of reality tv (my fave!) on MTV yesterday. We're trying out Foxtel on XBox at the moment - it's new and it's much cheaper than getting cable Foxtel. I really like it!

If you're looking for a piece of my art that has already sold, or you want something a bit more affordable than the original piece - you should check out my Art Prints available from Zazzle. You can have Zazzle frame them or you can frame them yourself! They make great Xmas pressies too :)

I'm going to be working away at painting some new mini paintings today.

Happy Friday everyone!


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