Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Tiger Princess"

It's very overcast here today...kind of raining on and off. A good day to stay in and paint, except I've promised Ariella we can go and have a play with her friends Jarvis and Cloee later. Until then though I might be able to get some painting done.

For the last couple of days I've been working on a painting called "Tiger Princess" - she's finished now and I've put her up for auction on eBay for 10 days.

I don't know why, but for the past week or so I've just been seeing tigers everywhere! (Ok, not literally of course.) First it will be a tiger tattoo on someone at the shops, and then a TV show about tigers, and then I see a news report on my email account about how tigers may become extinct in 12 years, and I just felt I needed to paint one...

There are also prints of this her available on Zazzle starting at just $15.80.

I hope you're all having a nice week! :)


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