Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Cherry Blossom Fairy"

I feel a little guilty today, because while Ariella was at Kindy, I did some shopping rather than painting! My Mum asked if I wanted to come with her and do a bit of Xmas shopping, and seeing as I haven't even started yet, I decided to say yes. I'm glad I did - I was able to grab a few bargains - Kmart has some seriously cheap stuff at the moment! As I said in an earlier post - we're really trying to have a cheaper Christmas this year!

In painting news - I finished "Cherry Blossom Fairy" yesterday and I've put her up for auction starting at just $25!

Now that Ari and I are home, I'm working on some mini paintings before dinner (which tonight is: Pasta Matriciana). Then after dinner I'm going to bunker down and get some painting done that I missed out on today. :)


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